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Welcome to

"My Free Site", Canada!

The Offical launch

Tools and Resources...........Support.
5 Web PagesFREEEmergency Support 24x7*FREE
1 Form /w e-Mail notificationFREEe-Mail technical supportFREE
User defined Metatags for search engine supportFREEe-Mailed submissions back-up/recoveryFREE
Menu managerFREEWeb site back-up servicesFREE
Web page editor (no programming required)FREE


User DocumentationFREE

PromotionsOur Difference!
One listing on member directoryFREENo Advertisments on your sitePROMISE
No Pop-ups on your sitePROMISE


We believe that if you are going to do something for someone...do it within reasonable effort! The free site offered is free, it is hosted at no cost, *we will respond 24 hours per day to a server outage and WE WILL NOT display advertisements on your site.

Why can we do this? We are an information technology company. Our business generates revenue from the services we offer. Apart from using this portal to show off the skills of our designers and implementors, we offer a few of our services to members of MyFreeSiteCanada.ca as upgrades. Once you stay within the parameters of the free offering you will never have to pay us a single dollar for this service. Think of this as a community service.

Are you a sporting organization or other not-for-profit community based organization? Give us a call we will be happy to provide your organization with more space once qualified.


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A special thank you! goes out to our early adopters, we greatly appreciate the efforts of the companies list here. These companies gave us the type of feedback that made this web portal a great place to be. Thanks a whole bunch!, from the entire team at DPD Software Ltd.

this is a space for

Winnipeg Minor Volleyball Association

MicroPlus Technologies

Wilton Property Management Ltd.

Winnipeg Homoeopathic Clinic

Unicity Taxi

Jawz Kustom Grillz

Royal Auto

Auctions and Appraisals

Ciao Caffe

South Winnipeg Chiropractic Walk-In Clinic

AA Installations

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