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Is this easy to use?

In today's world of web site development things get pretty difficult when it comes to getting a good understanding of how to get your company on the web. Some developers price products high simply due to overhead while other times the technology used is expensive and the cost is transferred to the client. Our goal for this site is to assist you in getting a presence on the web without too much trouble. This is why we have spent a lot of time putting this portal together.

Our team has selected various technologies and techniques that we feel will provide you with the minimum set of tools required to get the job done and yet keep you insulated from the humdrum of that dreaded word......PROGRAMMING!! This product will give you a very good start to getting on the web. Your site can grow with your business and "look and feel" can improve as your budget allows.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have a hosting agreement. Can I still get a MyFreeSite site loaded there?

Yes and No. You will not be able to use your hosting space as the tools on this portal are driven by Microsoft's IIS and uses a custom built program to deliver the services you use, however, we always host the site for free. So, in this case the answer is "no". We can, however, use the technology to deliver a web site to your hosting space (no matter which platform) as our stuff has been deployed on sites based on HTML, CGI, PHP, Java and ASP. In this case the answer is "yes".

  • But I want this entire system hosted on my hosting space which is a Microsoft Server, why can't I do that?
You can, this will require a license fee paid to us. We also offer all services you will require for the installation, customization and deployment of the unique opportunity you envision for our software. If you have a business idea that you feel our software will work for, click here to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.
  • This is supposed to be FREE, what are the monthly fees listed for?
What monthly fee?? We provide unlimited technical support and troubleshooting via email for Free, we offer hosting of your site for Free. We provide your first 5 pages and 1 e-mail form with the editor tools for Free. Once a customer requires more than the basic offering we will charge a fee to cover the cost of additional services. A more important reason for these fees (as they are very low anyway) is to discourage clients from abusing the service resources available to this portal.
  • Do I need any technical skills in order to build a site?
We provide straightforward WYSIWYG tools and free support. If you can send email and work with a word processor, we feel that you can manage your own web site. Some people are VERY new to this type of thing (building a web site) and your lack of understanding (which is not uncommon) may prevent you from being able to get started. Our support will assist you in getting there.

I some cases you may feel that you wish to have a "professional" start this up for you. We also offer billable assistance (phone support or "in person" appointments) in getting your initial site up, in this case one of our engineers will work with you to build the first site. We then transfer the responsibility of site up keep to you if you wish. If you want our team to remain in control for you, we still offer this option at our regular rates. It is your choice.

  • Can I add images to my site without customization?
You can add images, edit and format text, add links, buttons, video, or animations, set up "meta tags" for search engines, change templates (site layouts), change template colour schemes, add back ground images, add back ground colours. The list is long as to the things you can do. Add your logos and some templates allow you control of special images as well. You can even manage the pages that appear on the menu and how the menu is ordered.
  • Can I create forms to collect customer feedback via e-mail?
Yes you can. MyFreeSiteCanada.ca offers a unique form creation tool that allows the site administrator to create form that will send e-mail back to you at any valid e-mail address. When e-mail is sent the system then keeps a back-up of the e-mail submission for easy retrieval in the event you do not get that e-mail and makes it available to you in the back-end at anytime. Our "Sign-up Now" and "Contact Us" forms were both created using this tool.
  • Can I have an e-commerce site with a shopping cart built-in?
Yes! We offer a completely independent product that offers a very powerful shopping-cart functionality using either PayPal or E-Xact transaction processing (for the very high transaction type client) and is available through your DPD Software Ltd team of professionals.
  • What are the limitations of MyFreeSite?
You can't access the html code for your templates (we can build you custom templates), and although most of our clients don't even understand what this means, it is about the only restriction. You also cannot add music clips to your site but this is only because we do not have plans to support this feature. We are also very happy to get feedback from you regarding anything you feel we are lacking.

So, without further delay here is a summary of what it takes to get web site up and going. The overview of the backend manager offers a preview and the other pages in this section give a little more detail of what you can expect once you become a member of MyFreeSiteCanada.ca.

  1. First select a web site layout and colour scheme for your web site. MyFreeSiteCanada.ca offers you a number of built-in templates to choose from. Each template comes in various colours as well (or accept the default).
  2. Upload the images and logo to use on your site.
  3. Add the pages into the site and enter your text placing your images where you wish them to appear (content).
  4. Arrange the order you would like the pages to appear in your menu (or accept the default).
  5. Make your web pages available to the world (the default is DO NOT SHOW).

Sounds easy? Well to some of us this is still over your head. You can use the documentation in the backend manager for information on how to use the tools. Our team is also here to help with getting you on-line, REMEMBER, e-mail support is FREE, try that first! If you are not having fun, drop a line. The "Contact Us" form is a good way to send us e-mail.

PS: This entire site was built using the tools and layouts available in the system. Nothing on these pages are customized. If you see a feature or layout used on this site, it means you have the tools supported in this web portal so that you could do it for your site as well.


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