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About the MyFreeSiteCanada.ca Website and its Engineers.

MyFreeSiteCanada.ca allows users to setup powerful web sites without having to know HTML or any other low level web programming languages. From a small business, non-profit organization to mature e-business initiatives this product offers outstanding functionality and excellent value.

Feel free to review the backend preview pages for a better feel for what you can do with the tools supported in the administrative section of your web site. We have built this product with two goals in mind, first as a showcase for some of our skills and secondly as a service, especially for "new comers" to the web, for getting a presence on the world wide web at a very reasonable cost. We believe that the most important aspect of this web portal is that it puts the power of web site management ("content management" as it is referred to in IT) into the hands of the owner of the web site. We hope you enjoy your experience on the web.

We seem to be constantly getting the question, "What are you going to get from giving this stuff away?", so here is part of the answer.

  • SATISFACTION - Many new companies try to get on the web and just cannot afford the cost of getting a decent site at a reasonable cost. We were a new business once, if someone did this for us we would have been happy, so now we are doing it for others to come.
  • SHOW OFF OUR STUFF - The design and programming that went into this product is fairly complex. The ideas and tools built here are very powerful. Do you want something like this in your firm where each division/department can edit their internal documents, do you wish to have your vacation forms web enabled for your employees for example. Talk to us, we can do a great job. As a matter of fact we have the right tool for you and it is built and ready to be deployed. Looking for e-Commerce and other web based technologies for your firm, we have the experience and the know how so give us a call! Visit our web site for a more detailed description of the other services our team can deliver. We have many divisions to serve you, custom sofware and database development, e-Business application, Point-of-Sale and inventory management systems and office automation including wireless network and security solutions, data recovery and a host of other day to day services. We also offer 24x7 support.
  • ADDRESS OUR COMPETITION - A lot of competition on the web today come from people using programs like FrontPage from Microsoft Corporation and other such web site building tools. Those programs still require a lot of knowledge regarding the web and HTML programming. Some "competition" comes from companies that feel they are better by offering similar services as we do. Be aware, when the service is free they usually force you to display advertisements and pop-ups on your site, or they are weak in the features they support. In some cases the services are not free and still support a weaker feature set.
In either case we know you will find MyFreeSiteCanada.ca more feature rich, easy to use, flexible, well supported and with the basic package offered free, we are obviously not afraid to let you try it before you commit too deeply. This way we can prove to you that our services are outstanding at no cost to you!
This product is like a "web site kit", some assembly necessary but the process is simple. Now you can cut out the middleman and do it yourself.
  • EVENTUALLY YOU WILL OUT GROW THE FREE STUFF - Maybe we will make a few dollars then. You know what we can do and you will have experienced our support. You can make a decision then as to whom you will select to your IT support team. We aspire to be your first quote and let the others compete.

If you have any need for assistance please Contact Us, DPD Software's support team will make reasonable effort to address your questions, comments, and enquiries. Please note, we may only respond during regular working hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm CST).

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