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Upgrading MyFreeSite

Now that you have been on the web for a while, you have learned quite a lot about what you can do. Maybe you are ready to do more with your site and you need to get it done. Maybe, just maybe, you are curious to see if we will kill your web project with high upgrade cost when you try to grow even a little. Well here is the proof that even when you grow things will remain extreamly cost effective.

    • After you have grow accustomed to our excellent service.
    • You become spoiled by our outstanding support.
    • You have become dependent on the easy-to-use tools MyFreeSite.ca offers.

You want your upgrades at a reasonable price and you need the upgrade done today. As a loyal member of our site you will find that it is not expensive to grow your web presence.

More Pages

Pages Added

Average cost/Month

10 Additional Pages10.00/month
25 Additional Pages20.00/month
Unlimited Pages35.00/month

Add my own name

For those who don't understand the technology, adding your own name can be a very complex process. Actually, it is a simple thing to do. There are two parts to the process no matter what you do.

  1. First you must purchase your name by registering it with a Domain Name Registrar,
  2. and secondly you must have that name hosted by an ISP.

ServiceOne time Setup FeeApplicable Fee
Host myname.com or myname.ca ONLY +15.00 setup fee2.00/month
Register myname.ca * 10.00 setup fee20.00/year
Register myname.com * 10.00 setup fee25.00/year
Register and host myname.ca * +25.00 setup fee44.00/year
Register and host myname.com * +25.00 setup fee49.00/year

+ Domain name hosting includes three virtual e-mail addresses pointed to any where you wish. e.g. sales@mycompany.ca sent to MyRealEmailAddress@MyISP.ca (Mail boxes are also available from COOL.).

* We are not the lowest cost on the Internet for registering domain names. We provide this service for those of you who do not wish the hassle of finding out how to save a few dollars. If you know how to, or have a friend that will help you register your domain name at a lower price here is the information you will need.

Primary DNSgateway.cool.mb.ca64.56.142.130
Secondary DNSkenny.cool.mb.ca

More Forms

Forms Added

Average cost/Month

1 Additional Form2.00/month
3 Additional Forms5.00/month
10 Additional Forms15.00/month
Unlimited Forms35.00/month

Custom Colours to an existing Template

  • If we like your choice and you authorize us to allow anyone to use those colours as part of a template, a $25.00 flat fee will be charged.
  • If we don't like your choice or you do not wish to allow anyone else to use the colours, a $135.00 flat fee will be charged.

Custom Template

Please contact us for a free consultation. Custom templates depend on the complexity of the layout you require. Custom charges also depend on the amount of artwork our team will have to produce. Click here to contact us now.

e-Business Web site

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